Off the Porch: December 14


Join Grace Presents at Noon on December 14 for a bluegrass show with Off the Porch!

Featuring a blend of 3-part vocal harmonies, Off The Porch plays a unique mixture of bluegrass, folk, blues, and roots music that ranges from gorgeous to gritty and everything in between. Off the Porch is: Mary Helmke (banjo, autoharp), Catherine Rhyner (mandolin), Stephanie Ramer (guitar), Brad Wolbert (bass),  Jonathan Ivry (violin), and Mark Schlutt (banjo). The name “Off The Porch” hearkens back to a time in the history of country music when boys were often taught to play banjo or guitar by a grandmother, mother, or aunt; as grownups, the men would leave home to play music while the women were left at home singing and playing tunes on the porch.


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