August 9: Celtic Music by Alan Ng, Tes Slominski, and Josh Perkins

Join us on Saturday August 9 at noon for an hour of Celtic music with three of Wisconsin’s most talented folk musicians.

Alan Ng has been playing exclusively Irish traditional music since 1993 at concerts, weddings, dances, and sessions. His chief specialty is fiddle, well-versed in a number of native Irish regional styles and repertoires, but he also maintains a repertoire of Irish polkas and slides on the melodeon.

Fiddle player and ethnomusicologist Tes Slominski has over fifteen years of experience as a performer and scholar of Irish traditional music. Tes is an active performer and teacher who specializes in the regional repertoire and style of Sliabh Luachra, an area at the border of counties Kerry and Cork. She especially delights in playing for contradances as well as for Irish set, step, and céili dances.

Time spent in the North East, Midwest and Dublin, Ireland have made Josh Perkins a powerhouse of Irish music and song. A magical guitar player and song interpreter, his lilting voice will carry you to times gone by.

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